The John L. Grove College of Business’s Career Readiness Program received the Suitable award for Best Branding at the Pathways to Student Development Conference.

Partners who receive the Suitable award for Best Branding understand the value of branding and the role it plays in helping students understand and utilize the resources they have access to on their college campus.

The Career Readiness Program, or “Raider Ready,” partners with the Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center (CMPDC) to strengthen competencies sought by recruiters and companies for future employees. Hosted by the Suitable website, all College of Business students may participate to improve skills that not only enrich their academic experience but prepare them for futures in the workforce.

The Raider Ready logos were designed by alumna Christy Digiandomenico ’18, a graduate of the art/graphic design program, and Victoria Kerr, director of the CMPDC.

“The career readiness logos were a passion project because, in our roles within the CMPDC, we get to work with talented students and learn about their work experiences through our appointments. Therefore it only seemed fitting to ask Christy to design the logos,” said Kerr. She went on to compliment Digiandomenico for her extraordinary talent in bringing ideas to life through design.

Director of internships, Alix Rouby, also played a significant role in the implementation of the Raider Ready program, stating, “we were aware from its early stages that providing consistent branding was going to be key to a successful implementation of its initiative.”

Rouby also said, “receiving the Suitable award for Best Branding was a wonderful celebration of all the efforts and attention to detail that went into creating a fully immersive experience for our students.”

The College of Business works with the CMPDC by integrating the Raider Ready program into the Business Foundations course – an introductory course for all COB students.

According to Kerr, “the partnership strengthens the importance of career readiness’ early integration, not only into the curriculum but into the COB students’ mindsets. The program connects the wonderful programs on and off campus to real-world applications.” Kerr also acknowledged the efforts of  COB faculty Dr. Irma Hunt and Dr. Jane Brooker and the support of Dr. John Kooti, dean of the College of Business as driving forces behind the career advancement of graduates.

When asked about Raider Ready’s impact, Kerr answered, “what I love about the program is that it helps to develop holistically, well-rounded, leaders that represent SU in the workplace and the community.”

The Pathways to Student Development Conference was held virtually July 23, 2020.