Dr. David Wildermuth, associate professor of German in the department of global languages and cultures, is the winner of a more than $41,000 grant from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. Dr. Wildermuth will use the grant to support his research project “Ordinary Soldiers? A case study of soldiers in the Nazi-Soviet War of Annihilation” which builds on his doctoral dissertation.

He will travel to Freiburg, Germany to access the German Army’s 35th Division’s primary archives.

“The 35th Division is especially worth investigating as it fought the entire war of annihilation between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.”

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation supports research on violence, aggression and dominance. Dr. Wildermuth will conduct his research in the 2019-2020 academic year as part of his sabbatical.

“I am very happy to go back there [Freiburg] and re-immerse myself in the German language and culture,” said Wildermuth.