The Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC) was started in 2012 from the growing need to help residents find and utilize social services. The coalition has three goals: increase access to social and counseling services, increase access to youth programing and partner with existing stakeholders such as Shippensburg School District and Shippensburg University. 

SCRC’s partnership with Ship’s Social Work and Gerenoltogy Department gives university students the opportunity to work directly within the community and gain experience. The colaboration has extended to other university departments and students are actively working in a variety of SCRC led programs. Projects include the Summer Lunch Program, Hounds Pack Program, Healthy Decision Making Group and Teen Leadership Club.

The Summer Lunch Program provides free meals to Shippensburg children for seven weeks during the summer months. The Hound Packs Program provides food insecure students in the Shippensburg Area School District (SASD) with a bag of food (seven meals and snacks) over the weekend. Last year the Hound Packs Program provided over 20,000 weekend meals to students.

SCRC works hard to not only be a successful agency, but to bring success to Shippensburg University and the community.