Shippensburg University alumnus Tim MacBain ’03, is no stranger to teaching. As a seasoned 11th grade educator of AP and academic level World History at Upper Dublin High School, MacBain now greets each day with his daughters, Ainsley, 6, and Kaitlin, 7, to an unfamiliar morning routine.

Today, instead of rushing out the door to work and classrooms, MacBain faces the same challenge as many Americans; parsing his day between tutoring his children and working from home. Given his distinct advantage as an educator in this unique scenario, he shares some best practices for setting up your student’s home learning environment to maximize learning while at home.

Knowing that his role in the world is dedicated to being a positive role model for students, MacBain decided it was time to help parents with a humorous and positive approach to productivity during a time of uncertainty. He said, “The road may be bumpy, but it’s one we all have to travel together. It’s a good opportunity for us to all show our kids how to persevere.”

Tips from Tim include:

  1. Show your student that their online work is still a big priority.
  2. Make sure to get a healthy breakfast.
  3. Schedule schoolwork for the beginning of the day when students are most likely to be academically focused.
  4. Choose a comfortable location for schoolwork that eliminates distractions like music, cell phones, and other siblings.
  5. Don’t overwhelm your student with too much work all at once. Exercise empathy.
  6. Continue to communicate with school educators and administrators who are still our best allies for our kid’s education. This situation is novel for everyone involved.

As an executive board member of the Shippensburg University Alumni Association, MacBain built his career with a focus on student success. He has made an untold impact on his community, fighting to strengthen public education for all students at all levels as a member of the North Penn School Board of Directors, assistant director of PACE (Mideast Region), member of the PSBA Platform Committee, and member of the North Penn Community.

MacBain is a veteran teacher of AP and academic level World History in a high-achieving suburban high school with years of experience in curriculum research and development, coaching, advising student organizations, and special program development. He also is a seasoned Democratic committeeperson, and Montgomery County Area 5 vice chairman with experience in campaign management, social media strategy, field organization, fundraising, and message development.

“Shippensburg University is proud of the work Mr. MacBain performs and the impact he makes in our community,” noted Lori Smith, director of Alumni Relations. “His perseverance, humor, and ability to find opportunity in the challenges embodies our Raider Way values. We are grateful for his dedication to the youth of the commonwealth.”