Write the Ship and The Reflector are proud to announce their digital publications for the 2020-2021 academic year. Write the Ship is the university’s undergraduate academic journal featuring student essays, research, studies and work from all disciplines. The Reflector is the university’s journal of the arts, showcasing creative works of prose, poetry, art and other writings. Print publications will be available in fall 2020 and publications will be mailed upon request for graduating seniors.

In place of the annual launch party this year, The Reflector and Write the Ship created a video available replicating what the launch would have looked like.

The digital publications of The Reflector and SpawningPool, a small chapbook created by The Reflector art committees, can be found on their digital archive.  Select “Browse our Digital Collections,” then, click “Reflector” and issues dating back from 1961 to present will be found. The 2020 issues is on pages 3 and 4. Write the Ship is currently working on uploading their publication digitally.

Student Awards for each publications were also awarded.

Reflector Carragher-Pound Prize of Excellence

  • First Place: “Time” by Kelley Moriarty
  • Second Place: “Dying Garden” by Kimberly Braet
  • 3rd Place: “My Grandmother’s Garden” by Ariana Tomb


Write the Ship Awards

  • First Place: “The Ambivalence-Inducing, Lady-Killing Primal Father in Perfume” by Luke Hershey
  • Second Place: “Gender Reflection” by Mary Nsangou
  • Third Place: “The Forgotten Founders of American Diplomacy: John and Sarah Livingston Jay and the Mission to Spain, 17791782” by Rachael E. Rudis
  • Provost Award College of Arts & Sciences: “The Female Identity: Feminism Through the Decades and The Handmaid’s Tale’s Shifting Narrative” by Anna D’Orazio
  • Provost Award College of Business: “Brand Assessment for Hulu” by Bryan Rottkamp
  • Provost Award College of Education & Human Services: “Application of Strain Theory to the Opioid Crisis” by David Helm