Matthew Lawrence transferred to Shippensburg University and became a member of the class of 2022. A graduate of nearby Cumberland Valley High School, he is in ROTC and the Marketing, B.S.B.A. program. He says anyone considering this field of study should heed two simple pieces of advice: do your school work and get to know your professors.

Lawrence also stresses getting to know people outside the classroom. For him, connecting with Anita Weaver, an administrative assistant in the dean’s office of the John L. Grove College of Business, was important.

“Anita Weaver set me on the best path to success from day one,” Lawrence said.

Getting involved outside the classroom has also been beneficial to Lawrence.

“The school has many different activities,” Lawrence said. “This gives us many chances to be successful.”

Since coming to Ship, Lawrence has become involved with men’s rugby and Catholic Campus Ministry. As a transfer student, Lawrence has had positive experiences with Student Transition Engagement Partnership and Support (STEPS). His time with STEPS has allowed him to do volunteer work in the Shippensburg community. With all he has accomplished so far, the marketing major feels strongly that networking is what really matters.

“My major is preparing me to success by teaching me how to build connections for the future,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence has also completed an internship with Enginuity LLC.

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