Ship alumnus and Norriton Fire Co. Captain, Kyle McClure ’16, has been featured in The Times Herald for his family firefighting passion. At Norriton Fire Co., Dad, Kevin McClure, 55, drives the company’s fire trucks and serves as President; Kyle’s Mom, Susan McClure, 55, fights fires as well.

Kyle began volunteering as a junior firefighter at 16.  He is a member of Worcester and Hancock fire companies, and volunteered at the Vigilant Hose Company while studying at Ship. He was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain of Norriton Fire Engine Company in 2019, taking on more training and maintenance tasks. Currently, Kyle also serves in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Kyle said, “I enjoy helping others and forging a stronger bond with the community, and other volunteers.”

In order to keep up with Norriton’s high-call volume (544 calls in 2019), Kyle says the station needs more help from the community. To learn more about Norriton Fire Engine Company and volunteer opportunities, visit