The campus community made it known yesterday that at Shippensburg University, Black Lives Matter. Students, joined by faculty and staff, organized a socially distanced silent protest in the quad to take a unified stance against racism.

Students have grappled with social justice issues and anti-Black racism on national scale, at home and on campus. Yesterday was one of what they hope becomes many moments to unite to create a safe, supportive environment where every student feels that they belong.

“We were there to tell everyone who walks onto this campus that Black Lives Matter,” said Lucas Everidge, senior and event co-organizer.

Everidge collaborated with fellow SGA member and sophomore Kiayrah Wehr-Douglas to organize the demonstration. Over the course of three hours, students welcomed campus community members to join, create and carry signs baring their personal message.

Everidge and Wehr-Douglas plan to keep the momentum going by making it a reoccurring event.

“We do not want to wait until another incident occurs; the sooner we can eradicate any sense of comfort in racism, the sooner Ship will become the loving and welcoming campus we all want it to be.”

  • Female student holds sign
  • Male student wears face mask and sits with sign
  • Male student stands holding BLM poster
  • Students sit in Quad with signs during silent protest calling for end to racism
  • Students hold signs in quad in silent protest.
  • President Carter sits in Quad holding "end racism now" sign