Students, faculty and staff gathered six feet apart for the JUST ACT Solidarity Rally. ACT (Ask. Communicate. Teach Tolerance.), a student organization, seeks to stimulate a healthy, community-wide consciousness and discussions of race that confront the uncomfortable realities of racial differences (and other differences of identity).

The student-led event was organized in response to a recent race-based incident on campus as well as ongoing social justice issues and anti-Black racism nationwide.

President Carter, Chief Diversity Officer Stephanie Jirard and Director of Multicultural Student Affairs Diane Jefferson addressed the campus community along with several student leaders and made it clear that at Shippensburg University, Black Lives Matter.

“I am here in solidarity.  Solidarity with my Black brothers and sisters. Solidarity with Black mothers and fathers. Solidarity with our allies. Because racism affects everyone, and the cure will require all of us,” President Carter said. 

This is one of many rallies, speakers and annual events hosted by  ACT and MSA each year to continue the conversations about race, diversity and identity on campus and in the community.