Ship will join together as “One Campus, Many Cultures”, to celebrate Diversity Week from October 12 to October 17.

Diversity Week at Ship is part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the diversity which has shaped, and continues to shape, our communities and country. The weeklong celebration features virtual and in-person events that stimulate conversations to promote a more inclusive culture.

Student event planners, Lance Hines-Butts, junior business administration major, and Lucas Everidge, a junior political science major, stress the importance this week brings. They view the events as a way to foster a welcoming culture that invites openness and friendliness at Ship. 

“Tensions are high right now in society, and because of that, I believe now is the perfect time to open our minds and remember that, at the end of the day, we are all humans and together we equally represent our Ship family,” explained Everidge.

Faculty, staff and students have several opportunities to explore topics across the broad range of human identity, experience, and interaction. Each day includes programing addressing a unique theme of diversity at Ship in a setting without judgement or bias.

October 12- Genders and Sexuality Diversity Day

October 13- Racial Diversity Day

October 14- Ability Diversity Day

October 15- Religious and Political Diversity Day

October 16- Ethnic Diversity Day

October 17- Diversity Celebration Day

A list of events and times for Diversity Week can be found on the Diversity Week Calendar.  Questions about Diversity Week should be directed to Stephanie Jirard at