Shippensburg University students have a wide variety of dining options around campus. But if you are craving something new, downtown Shippensburg offers everything from pizza to BBQ and even Vietnamese Pho! Best of all, Ship’s brand new program, called Raider Bucks, provides the whole Ship family discounts at restaurants in the area.

To use Raider Bucks, students, faculty, and staff simply need to load money onto their ID card and then present the card at a participating downtown business to receive your discount. Discounts are available for dine-in and take-out orders and range from 10-15% on select nights.

The choice to purchase food from a locally-owned business has far-reaching benefits for Shippensburg’s environment, economy, job creation, and tourism.

Tyler Hill, junior communications/journalism major indicated, “I like to eat downtown because I feel good knowing that there is a connection between campus and off-campus life. It’s almost like every time you eat downtown, you donate to this place we all call home. Raider Bucks discounts are great for college students who don’t have a lot of spending cash.”

Mitchell Burrows ’17, owner of University Grille and vice president of  Shippensburg Borough Council, explained that Raider Bucks encourages the Ship community to use their spending power at downtown businesses.

Ashley (Runk) Stine, assistant director of the CUB and Raider Bucks program coordinator, continued, “Raider Bucks gives the Ship community easy, worthwhile buying power at many trusted community partners.  The Raider Bucks program helps build stronger downtown relationships and connections which benefit and build a solid Ship community.”

Shippensburg University’s 2016-2021 strategic plan notes that Community is a key-value for the institution. The plan indicates, “We take seriously our impact on the borough of Shippensburg and the surrounding municipalities and value our collaborations with businesses and organizations in the region. These collaborations and relationships provide students with real-world experiences and connections that reach far beyond the borders of Shippensburg University.” Raider Bucks is one of the many ways the University sustains and strengthens connections to the broader community and region.