Senior Noah Steinfeldt is finding plenty of opportunities to learn in and out of the classroom at Ship. But he never expected some of the most important lessons would be about himself.

As a social work major, with a minor in disability studies, Steinfeldt hopes to dedicate his future to helping others. But he isn’t waiting for graduation; Noah is making a difference right now as a Ship student. From his role in the Student Government Association to his work as a Residence Assistant (RA), Steinfeldt is ensuring he betters the experiences of all Ship students.

It is no easy task to be an advocate for others while learning to manage your own challenges and responsibilities.  Noah explains, “I feel at Ship I have learned to overcome. There have been many obstacles placed in front of me and though it has been difficult to maneuver around them, I have always found myself succeeding” Steinfeldt continued.

Steinfeldt credited his experience as a residence assistant (RA) for developing the skills he needs to be successful.

According to housing and residence life, “RAs are the foundation of Residence Life; creating and supporting our on-campus communities. An RA position builds a wide variety of invaluable skills such as time and project management, peer mediation, teamwork skills, budget management, creativity, and problem-solving. RAs also have opportunities to serve on department and university-wide committees and attend student leadership conferences.”

“I really enjoy being a RA. I am a RA in McCune hall and have been for two years,” Steinfeldt said.

The leadership experience through the RA program has pushed Noah to do more. Steinfeldt bridged the gap for the Residence Hall Association by joining the Student Government Association. The group has allowed Noah to explore and learn more about himself and his peers. The Student Government Association appropriates funds to student organizations in addition to serving on university committees to offer student input.

His involvement has motivated him to think about his plans after graduation. Perhaps learning to find a reason to smile every day is more important than staying to a strict plan.

“My involvement has prepared me by teaching me to not take things so seriously. I feel that you always need to find some humor in everything and if you can, have fun” Steinfeldt stated.

No matter what career Steinfeldt enters, he is confident his experience at Ship is providing him with the skills he needs to help others. His selflessness will take him far in life, both in the classroom and beyond.