Do you identify as or work with military-affiliated learners (MALs) at Shippensburg University? Faculty, administrators, students, and support staff are encouraged to learn more about how to best support this community throughout the college experience at a free, virtual workshop on Friday, March 19, 2021, 10 AM- 3 PM.

Access the workshop at SHIP.ZOOM.US/MY/ARMAY. 

Join host, Dr. Amy May, Assistant Professor of Human Communication Studies and Director of the Speech and Communication Center at Shippensburg University, as she moderates a discussion led by Victoria McDermott and Dr. Leandra H. Hernandez, surrounding their recently co-edited research, “Supporting the Military-Affiliated Learner; Communication Approaches to Military Pedagogy and Education”.

Guests will walk away with knowledge about the specific barriers for MALs in higher education, intervention resources to overcome said barriers, and tangible best practice recommendations to support MALs’ self-efficacy and retention.