Anne Carnathan’s ‘87 journey has been anything but ordinary. She is currently president and CEO of Universal Media Analytics (UMI) and managed to achieve this position without a STEM degree.

Carnathan did not spend her college years in a lab coat learning about analytics. She majored in communication journalism with a speech minor and began her professional career in sales and marketing. Now, she runs one of the largest independent media buying companies in the world.

UMI specializes in media strategy, media research, and media buying. The company is an industry leader within television, radio, print, outdoor and digital media placement. UMI primarily relies on relationships with advertisers and media partners to ensure client satisfaction, focusing entirely on the clients’ needs and media objectives. UMI currently employs over 40 people and operates within three branches along the East Coast.

According to fellow alumna, Anne Deeter Gallaher ‘81, Carnathan “puts a fresh face to women in STEM.” Deeter Gallaher is owner and CEO of the Deeter Gallaher Group, a creative services firm, and authored a book “Students in High Gear: A Guide for Students and Aspiring Game Changers in Transition from College to Career.” From her perspective, “not every STEM worker is in a lab or coding.”

Carnathan did not start her career working in a lab, but at a radio station in Lancaster. Today, her leadership at UMI has only strengthened the company during the pandemic by maximizing its clientele. On top of that, she led the company from a traditional media buying firm to a data/analytics firm.

“She has had an amazing journey to the top, and it’s not a traditional journey, which is a good lesson for grads that come behind us. STEM involves more than coding and lab work. Media analytics doesn’t always come top of mind when we think about STEM careers, but in our digital world, it’s like oxygen to our business and personal lives,” said Deeter Gallaher .

Carnathan is the prime example of a woman using her grit and determination to succeed in a STEM career. She also represents just how much one can achieve with a Ship degree.