Senior finance major Trey Paul is thankful for a summer internship that he says helped him make valuable connections and get his foot in the door in the corporate world. As a summer intern with Deloitte, Paul was tasked with budgeting and forecasting, managing engagements’ billing and receivables process and helped managers maintain compliance with clients’ policies.

“Having an internship gives you an advantage and a head start over everyone else,” said Paul.

But it’s not just the internship that he credits for preparing him for his future.

During the spring 2021 semester the member of the Raider Football Team joined the Raider Neighbor Program. The program, partially funded by a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) grant, works to create positive relationships by reducing problems often associated with noise, litter, vandalism, assault and substance abuse.

“The Raider Neighbor Program had a positive impact on my ability to communicate and skillfully socialize with professionals. This experience will hopefully benefit me when having to engage with and present in front of executives,” explained Paul.

He also credits the guidance and mentorship he received from the Career, Mentoring and Professional Development Center. The staff helped him find and prepare for this internship and more.

“Alix Rouby has always been an amazing and useful resource for me in terms of furthering my post-grad career, from helping me tweak my resume, prepare for interviews, or simply being a special part of my support system,” said Paul.

Paul concluded his summer internship, showcasing his communication skills, with a presentation to Deloitte highlighting his work and outlining his summer internship experience. Now he’s excited to return to campus, enjoy his senior year and get back on the football field.