You may have been made aware through media reports or by word-of-mouth about an incident that occurred over the weekend off campus in an area where students live, Queen Street in Shippensburg Township. The incident which resulted in a shooting victim remains under investigation but was isolated and poses no imminent threat to the community.

No university students were involved in the incident, but bullets did strike a house where students live. The students were not injured and university student affairs staff have been in contact with the students.

Shippensburg University Police Department is assisting Pennsylvania State Police, the lead investigating agency, who is asking for anyone with information to contact Trooper John Boardman at 717-249-2121.

Any event in which our students may be put in harm’s way is of the utmost concern. We are working diligently with law enforcement, local leaders, those who serve our students with housing and all members of our campus community against outside bad actors who threaten our community. We will be in conversation with our off-campus students to assist them in ways to be actively engaged in their own personal safety, and in avoiding unnecessary risks to their personal safety.

This incident is a reminder to us all to stay vigilant and alert to our surroundings.