On Saturday, December 10, Shippensburg University hosted its 2022 winter undergraduate commencement ceremony in Heiges Field House. Candidates for diplomas included 273 individuals from four different states and the United Kingdom.

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 


Peter Cheng BS PA – Adams
Abby Fortnum BSBA PA – Adams
Zechariah D. Hillman BS PA – Adams
Joshua S. Paul BA PA – Adams
Zachary R Simmons BSBA PA – Adams
Quintin T Sneeringer BS PA – Adams
Elizabeth M Yealy BSED PA – Adams
Taylor R. Feight BSED PA – Bedford
Alivia J. Suffecool BSED PA – Bedford
Emma R. Suter BSED PA – Bedford
Larissa L Deesing BSED PA – Berks
Michael R. Del Rio BSBA PA – Berks
Kayla B. Kunkel BS PA – Berks
Tyler M. Petucci BSBA PA – Blair
Veronica M. Best BS PA – Bucks
Lyndsey M. Cannon BSED PA – Bucks
Troy J. Glendenning BA PA – Bucks
Madison M Haley BS PA – Bucks
Ashlyn Mullins BS PA – Bucks
Samantha G. Spector BSED PA – Bucks
Steven C. Thompson BS PA – Bucks
Steven C. Thompson UCRT PA – Bucks
Jessica L. Wiley BSBA PA – Bucks
Natalie F. Wiley BSED PA – Bucks
Shelby A Gemberling BA PA – Cambria
Kelsey A Chandler BSED PA – Centre
Anthony N. Cacciavillani BS PA – Chester
Jack H Giles BS PA – Chester
Jack H Giles UCRT PA – Chester
Laura Hecker BA PA – Chester
Michael J. Loudis BS PA – Chester
Brandon M. Mariano BA PA – Chester
Megan J Shovlin BA PA – Chester
Maxwell K. Storr BSBA PA – Chester
Nicholas J Keith BS PA – Clearfield
Celesta R. Shemory BS PA – Clinton
Whitney P Morris BA PA – Columbia
Emilly N. Anderson BS PA – Cumberland
John A. Bordash BSED PA – Cumberland
Jordan K Brymesser BA PA – Cumberland
Kyla E Carothers BSBA PA – Cumberland
John Colarusso BA PA – Cumberland
Hayley K. Condrack BSBA PA – Cumberland
Natalia B. DeLaRosa-Martell BS PA – Cumberland
Jason Diggs BSW PA – Cumberland
Hunner L. Drake BSBA PA – Cumberland
Gracie R Edwards BSW PA – Cumberland
Kathryn Fair BSED PA – Cumberland
Dominic C. Fanelli BS PA – Cumberland
Travis S. Feuchtenberger BSBA PA – Cumberland
Sarah C Fisher BA PA – Cumberland
Sarah C Fisher UCRT PA – Cumberland
Amanda E. Forgie BSED PA – Cumberland
Gwyneth A. Forster BSED PA – Cumberland
Ryan L Gaither BA PA – Cumberland
Amel Hajdarevic BS PA – Cumberland
Amel Hajdarevic UCRT PA – Cumberland
Katelin E. Hamm BSBA PA – Cumberland
Morgan E. Hechler BSW PA – Cumberland
Kevin D. Juliana BA PA – Cumberland
Tucker C. Kirby BS PA – Cumberland
Derin A Klick BS PA – Cumberland
Derin A Klick UCRT PA – Cumberland
Emily M Klinger BA PA – Cumberland
Ayva Lacoco BA PA – Cumberland
Evan D. LeSage BS PA – Cumberland
Jason W Lenker BS PA – Cumberland
Peterlens P Livermore BSBA PA – Cumberland
Shannan N. Maher BSED PA – Cumberland
Emily May BSED PA – Cumberland
Natalie A. Moscato BSED PA – Cumberland
Dawson D. Moyer BSBA PA – Cumberland
Brooke Mumma BS PA – Cumberland
Logan G. Neumann BSBA PA – Cumberland
Natalee K. Piper BSED PA – Cumberland
Robert E. Roush BS PA – Cumberland
Cody Q. Rowe BS PA – Cumberland
Jacob R Russell BA PA – Cumberland
Jacob R Russell UCRT PA – Cumberland
Taylor B. Schmalz BA PA – Cumberland
Ashlee R Scott BA PA – Cumberland
William L. Shriner BS PA – Cumberland
Matthew L. Smith BA PA – Cumberland
Margaret A. Sobotta BS PA – Cumberland
Alexis D. Spence BSBA PA – Cumberland
Austin L. Trevino BA PA – Cumberland
Elizabeth Wagner BSED PA – Cumberland
Isabel I. Weaver BA PA – Cumberland
Riley G. Weller BSBA PA – Cumberland
Shania I Wentz BSED PA – Cumberland
William N Williams BS PA – Cumberland
Galen J. Witmer BS PA – Cumberland
Tristan J. Wolaver BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kersten T. Wolf BA PA – Cumberland
Kersten T. Wolf BSBA PA – Cumberland
Elliott F. Allison BSW PA – Dauphin
Imani Bethea BSW PA – Dauphin
Taylor J. Cullen BSED PA – Dauphin
Ashley S. Demmel BSED PA – Dauphin
Arianna J Floyd BS PA – Dauphin
Sarah M. Grubb BSW PA – Dauphin
Lance Q Hines-Butts BSBA PA – Dauphin
Cali M. Hofsass BSED PA – Dauphin
Jessica L. Jones BSW PA – Dauphin
Morgan M. Lebo BSED PA – Dauphin
Tnika Lewis BSW PA – Dauphin
Hayley A. Rosario BSW PA – Dauphin
Alasia C. Stevenson BS PA – Dauphin
Alasia C. Stevenson UCRT PA – Dauphin
Stephanie Toledo-Valentin BSW PA – Dauphin
Madison T. Breiner BSED PA – Delaware
Carlos E. Barraza-Rodriguez BSW PA – Franklin
Andrew B. Boram BS PA – Franklin
Daulton D. Brenize BSBA PA – Franklin
Michael A. Budner BS PA – Franklin
Elizabeth L. Carrillo BSBA PA – Franklin
Victor J. Dimoff BS PA – Franklin
Morgan K. Dryzal BS PA – Franklin
Cole W. Eyler BS PA – Franklin
Kade A. Fisher BSW PA – Franklin
Syerra Freeman BSBA PA – Franklin
Autumn R. Gayman BS PA – Franklin
Deanna H Grove BA PA – Franklin
Cota M. Heckman BSBA PA – Franklin
Saige Heckman BSBA PA – Franklin
Rylan T. Hummer BSBA PA – Franklin
Caleigh E Johnston BS PA – Franklin
Bailey J Keefer BSBA PA – Franklin
Baylee R. Keefer BS PA – Franklin
Ashleigh N. Kennedy BA PA – Franklin
Hunter C Kindlin BS PA – Franklin
Kenneth A. King BA PA – Franklin
Makenzi G Maun BSW PA – Franklin
Travis R. Mawhinney BS PA – Franklin
Amber L McNew BA PA – Franklin
Brixx Minguez BA PA – Franklin
Ashley N Ott BA PA – Franklin
Humarys J Pacheco BSBA PA – Franklin
Adolfo Pascual BA PA – Franklin
Trevor J. Reed BS PA – Franklin
Vincent C. Reed BS PA – Franklin
Taylor R. Reilly BA PA – Franklin
Remington C. Remsberg BS PA – Franklin
Faron L. Roth BA PA – Franklin
Alexis C Shockey BA PA – Franklin
Siobhan Sungenis BA PA – Franklin
Hannah B. Weagley BS PA – Franklin
Travis M West BSBA PA – Franklin
Leah Q. Wolfinger BSW PA – Franklin
Isabella R. Burch BSED PA – Fulton
Branden G. Lynch BS PA – Fulton
Cody R Parson BA PA – Fulton
Abigayle H Detwiler BA PA – Huntingdon
Shayna A. Scott BSW PA – Huntingdon
Emily R. Smith BSED PA – Huntingdon
Abigayle K. Zimmerman BSED PA – Huntingdon
Leda R. Hostetler BS PA – Juniata
Abigail R Bleacher BSED PA – Lancaster
Logan J Cole BS PA – Lancaster
Alex B Kerek BSBA PA – Lancaster
Joshua F. Koh-Swineford BSBA PA – Lancaster
Hannah G McKennon BA PA – Lancaster
Patrick J Quinn BS PA – Lancaster
Juanita Smith BSW PA – Lancaster
Janya M Stewart BSED PA – Lancaster
Destiny R. Wade BSW PA – Lancaster
Parker M. Bucks BSBA PA – Lebanon
Jacob L. Hitz BA PA – Lebanon
Cullen A. Maes BA PA – Lebanon
Frances Rimby BSW PA – Lebanon
Markes J. Cruz BS PA – Lehigh
Abdul A Kutbuddin BSBA PA – Lehigh
Cade C Saugier BS PA – Lehigh
Tia M. Margiewicz BSED PA – Luzerne
Casey L. Mcnew BS PA – Luzerne
Mandi R. Zawadzki BSW PA – Luzerne
Evan Z. Boyer BSBA PA – Mifflin
Shawn A. Lovemore BSBA PA – Monroe
Jess Blick BA PA – Montgomery
Kenneth J. Cinder BSBA PA – Montgomery
Cassidy R. Corvino BA PA – Montgomery
Michael L. Cunningham BSBA PA – Montgomery
Lucas Froman BS PA – Montgomery
Matthew J Lenahan BS PA – Montgomery
Ari Mainor BSBA PA – Montgomery
Nina V. Mitchell BSBA PA – Montgomery
Abel C. Price BSED PA – Montgomery
Bridget L. Sharkey BS PA – Montgomery
Rafeeq N. Walker BA PA – Montgomery
Kaitlyn L. Karasek BSED PA – Northampton
Kalah I. Williams BA PA – Northampton
Jeremy P. Fenstermacher BSBA PA – Northumberland
Caige J. Pursel BSBA PA – Northumberland
Megan N. Woltz BS PA – Northumberland
Amy Rabin BSW PA – Perry
Chey D. Saez BA PA – Perry
Justus K Stephens BS PA – Perry
Madison L. Beideman BA PA – Philadelphia
Caitlin N Gladen BA PA – Philadelphia
Tyler A. Hill BA PA – Philadelphia
Jada S Martin BSW PA – Philadelphia
Ruth W Nyesuah BS PA – Philadelphia
Daniel P. Sivar BS PA – Philadelphia
Isaiah G. Snead BA PA – Philadelphia
Abdulomar Tucker BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Theresa H. Ward BA PA – Philadelphia
Bruce A. Washington BA PA – Philadelphia
Ayanna M Williams BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Tinijia I. Witherspoon-Mcclam BA PA – Philadelphia
Michael E. Donegan BA PA – Pike
Olivia R. Gregory BSED PA – Pike
Joseph D. Kocher BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Allison A. Zaremba BS PA – Schuylkill
Alicia A. Murr BSW PA – Snyder
Annabella G McKenzie BS PA – Somerset
Ryan C Neil BS PA – Somerset
Ryan C Neil UCRT PA – Somerset
Benjamin Frazier BSBA PA – Susquehanna
Joseph H McAleer BA PA – Susquehanna
Kevin R. Valvano BSBA PA – Susquehanna
Aidan J. Putnam BA PA – Tioga
Olivia K. Ryan BA PA – Tioga
Marissa N. Rendulich BSED PA – Westmoreland
Solmary Antuna BS PA – York
Ashley N. Bowers BSED PA – York
Lauren V. Bryant BA PA – York
Jacob T. Cederberg BS PA – York
Braelyn S. Delle BSED PA – York
Khalid T. Dorsey BA PA – York
Dior C. Edmonds BS PA – York
Kaylee J Forte BSED PA – York
Shaely M. Gamble BA PA – York
Alyssa L. Giannone BSED PA – York
Briana Hagler BSW PA – York
Sequoia B. Innerst BSED PA – York
Paije Koller BA PA – York
Emily C. Korkie BSED PA – York
Cynthia J. Koubik BSBA PA – York
Kimberly Loman BSW PA – York
Julia Medina BSW PA – York
Madison R. Mummert BA PA – York
Jordan A. Ranieri BSBA PA – York
Brianna Russ BA PA – York
Heather L Sharp BSBA PA – York
Nathaniel Armacost BA MD – Baltimore
Clairanne Chairs BSED MD – Baltimore
Brandon J Deskiewicz BA MD – Carroll
Lindsey A. Ekanger BSED MD – Frederick
Delaney R Shifflett BS MD – Frederick
Morgan A Seiss BSED MD – Harford
Carson C Uebersax BSBA MD – Harford
Emma C. Tennant BSW MD – Howard
Megan M. Puig BSED MD – Montgomery
Joshua T Atha BA MD – Washington
Leah N Kline BA MD – Washington
Alexander P Petty BS MD – Washington
Lily C. Potterfield BSED MD – Washington
Vincent F. Tinucci BA NJ – Atlantic
Vincent F. Tinucci UCRT NJ – Atlantic
Brian Beck BSBA NJ – Burlington
Madison L Groninger BA NJ – Mercer
Antonio J. Tedesco BSBA NJ – Passaic
Luke M. Smerchansky BA VA – Arlington
Adrian E Perez BSBA VA – Fairfax
Adrian E Perez UCRT VA – Fairfax
Harry J. Kershaw BS United Kingdom
Harry J. Kershaw BSBA United Kingdom
Harrison Summers BS United Kingdom
Lydia A. Bauer BSED *Out Of State
Christopher T. Butler BS *Out Of State
Maia E. Manigault BA *Out Of State
Seth W. Crabbe BA
Jessica A. Fortier BSED