Dear Campus Community,

Each February, our campus community joins the greater Shippensburg community to celebrate Ship Be Kind Month.

There are no small acts of kindness. Every individual act of kindness can have a big impact on the lives of others and contributes to the sense of belonging that we strive to create at Ship. From holding a door for a stranger, to volunteering your time with a local charity, many of our students, faculty, and staff make kindness a priority every day.

Kindness can also break down barriers and promote understanding and inclusion. When people are kind to one another, they are less likely to criticize or discriminate against others, and more likely to see the positive side of an individual. So, let’s show off a little and let the world know that kindness is a priority at Ship, each and every day.

The Raider Wellness Resource Center and the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition are leading the charge for Ship Be Kind Month, and they hope you’ll share your acts of kindness with them on social media using #ShipBeKind. If you already purchased #ShipBeKind swag, be sure to wear it each Friday in February to remind others of the power of kindness. We look forward to celebrating our collective acts of kindness this month.


Charles E. Patterson, PhD 


Dr. Nicole R. Hill

Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs