Dear Campus Community,

Welcome back, Raiders! It’s hard to believe the fall semester is already upon us, and we are so excited to have our campus community back together again. 

While we call it “summer break,” I know that many of you have been hard at work with research, internships, service projects and more. There’s been quite a bit of activity on campus too. We hosted international students as part of the US Department of State sponsored Study of the US Institutes for Student Leaders program. The summer was also packed with camps and conferences that gave us the opportunity to showcase our beautiful campus, and our excellent academic and athletic programs.

Necessary renovations to the locker rooms in Henderson Gym and furnishings for Naugle Hall were completed. I’d like to thank the many individuals who had a hand in making these important renovations possible.

The State System also announced an historic tuition freeze for the fifth consecutive year, further demonstrating our commitment to providing a quality and affordable education.

And we worked diligently throughout the summer to prepare to welcome our newest Raiders!

As we shift our focus to the Fall 2023 semester, we will continue to move forward with many ongoing and important programs. This includes planning for the renovation of Franklin Science Center. This renovation will allow us to continue to provide top-notch STEM programs and laboratories.

Fall is always full of opportunities to engage and be emerged in new experiences. In September, we will mark our commitment to inclusion and belonging at Ship with the celebration of our annual diversity week.

In October, we look forward to welcoming the community to campus for our annual Treats no Tricks event in front of Old Main, and in November we will welcome our alumni back with our annual Homecoming Celebration, which includes our Homecoming parade.

Students, I challenge you to step into this semester with a sense of purpose, a commitment to excellence, and a belief in the power of hard work. In doing so, your dedication will undoubtedly shine through in your accomplishments and the positive impact you will have in your courses, our campus community, and beyond.

For our staff, I continue to be inspired by your tireless contributions in support of our campus community, often without seeking recognition. Your expertise, whether in administration, student services, academic support, maintenance, or any other area, is the driving force that propels our university forward.

And for our dedicated faculty, you go above and beyond, dedicating countless hours to research, scholarship, instruction, and the advancement of your respective fields. Your intellectual curiosity not only enriches our student’s experiences, but also has a ripple effect that extends far beyond our campus borders, shaping our community and our society at large.

I am excited to witness the incredible accomplishments that we will achieve together in the coming months. Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your unwavering commitment to Shippensburg University and… GO SHIP!


Charles E. Patterson, PhD

President, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania