In her service to Randi’s House of Angels, an organization dedicated to helping children and their loved ones who are exposed to and/or who are victims/survivors of intimate partner violence, Dr. Melissa Rickets, criminal justice, helped to develop a series of podcasts (beginning in October) entitled, “Randi’s House of Angels the Podcast: Fostering Healthy Relationships.”  

By creating a dedicated platform, RHOA hopes to create a safe space for survivors, advocates, and experts to share their stories, insights, and knowledge. A series of topics will be discussed that can offer vital support and resources to victims and survivors, helping them realize that they are not alone and that there is help available. The podcast can also serve as a catalyst for raising awareness and fostering necessary conversations within families, communities, and institutions, to empower individuals, foster empathy, and inspire collective action toward eradicating domestic violence while creating a safer, more compassionate society. Web-Link: