Dr. Joseph Zume, associate professor of geography and earth science, will travel to Ghana this summer as a fellow with the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program. Zume is one of 70 African Diaspora scholars selected from across the United States and Canada.

This program pairs African-born scholars with higher education institutions in Africa to collaborate on curriculum co-development, research development and graduate training/mentoring. Through these efforts, the program hopes to build capacity at the host institutions.

“The College of Arts and Sciences is proud of Dr. Zume’s acceptance into this prestigious program. He is a dedicated faculty member and I have little doubt that his expertise and focus on students will allow him to positively affect student-learning experiences at University of Cape Coast,” said Dr. James Mike, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Zume will work with faculty and students from the University of Cape Coast’s geography and regional planning department. Together, they will work to enhance the department’s hydrology curriculum and research.

Much of Zume’s time in Ghana will focus specifically on establishing a coastal watershed and wetlands hydrology field station that will provide long-term research opportunities for the department. The station will also provide important data on the impacts of climate change on coastal communities and their ability to access potable water.

“I am very excited to give back to the continent that molded me,” said Zume.

The 34-day trip is the start of a long-term mentoring and research relationship that Zume hopes will provide joint research opportunities for Ship and the University of Cape Coast.