How do you celebrate the culmination of your college career digitally? Ask a senior—particularly, ask Noelle Zeigler, a senior art education major chosen as the winner of the Virtual Senior Celebration challenge.

In-person commencement ceremonies have been canceled nationwide, but the university is determined to make the moment special for its seniors. Ship encouraged seniors to share how they wanted to celebrate their success.

Zeigler, a Shippensburg native, suggested that graduating seniors could submit a video of themselves reflecting on their time at Ship. “I knew it was important to submit to the contest because I wanted all of us seniors to have a creative way to celebrate our successes together,” she said.

Zeigler wants to highlight everyone’s favorite memories from their time at Ship. “I wanted a way for us seniors to be able to reflect on the good memories instead of the problems that are happening now.”

As they earn their degrees, students creating memories, experiences, and relationships they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Zeigler hopes they can reflect on the good times they had at Ship. “Seniors should be celebrated because they’ve worked so hard to get to this point. As an art major, I’ve spent hours and hours of studio time to get where I am now,” Ziegler said. “I’ve changed so much from freshman year until now.”

She said the video opens up an opportunity to get a variety of seniors involved in a way they can treasure the past. “With this, students won’t look back on all the time lost, but all the moments of growth.”