Senior marketing major Brooke Meyers discovered a unique way to apply what she’s learning in the classroom to help solve community problems with the student chapter of the global non-profit Enactus. The name Enactus combines the words entrepreneurial, action and us, and that’s exactly what the club is all about.

“The main focus of Enactus is to develop solutions to community problems that can be sustainable. Our group has several projects in the works currently that are making our campus and community a better place,” said Meyers.

She attended her first Enactus meeting as a requirement for a class, but found the group so welcoming that she decided to attend more meetings and started tackling projects. Through these projects Meyers tests out her marketing skills as she works to amplify the group and their efforts.

Her work with Enactus includes “People Over Profit,” a project that collects left over food from campus dining and donates it to local churches to feed food insecure individuals and families in the community. Most recently she co-led a grant application for a campus composting project called ShipCompost. With the $25,000 grant Enactus hopes to establish the composting project and further reduce food waste on campus.

“This club has  greatly enhanced my educational experience here at Ship. I feel as if I’m constantly taking what I’m learning in my business courses and applying it to my project in Enactus. I feel as if I’m always trying to come up with new ways to market our project and get students pumped about composting and recycling,” said Meyers.

And she credits Enactus for pushing her out of her comfort zone and into discovering new ways to become active in her community. The club has offered great networking opportunities with faculty, students and members of the local community. Meyers is looking forward to graduation this spring but is committed to her work with Enactus and hopes to inspire future students to do their part to better the Ship community.