Dr. Alison Dagnes, professor of political science, is featured in a new TEDx Talk discussing how modern political media makes us outraged and angry and solutions to help calm the chaos.

Last year Dagnes released her book, “Super Mad at Everything All the Time,” exploring the polarization of American politics through the collapse of space between politics and culture, fueled by the omnipresent media.

In both the book and the TEDx Talk, she offers suggestions and steps on how we can restore our national dialogue while preserving our right to “disagree agreeably.”

“I promise, we can calm the chaos of the politics we have and be much happier and healthier for it,” said Dagnes.  

She is the author of several books on political media and scandal and is a regular in the national media circuit, weighing in on political behavior.

“Super Mad At Everything All the Time” is available on Amazon.