The Ship Chopped Challenge is the newest trend at Shippensburg University. Led by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), students are challenged to create a dish at home using three key ingredients and post a video of the process on social media. This is a three-part series featuring a new recipe each week.

The first week of Ship Chopped began the week of April 30 and ends the week of May 3. Week one featured an appetizer, week two featured an entrée and week three features a dessert.

Students in SAAC created this challenge as a “fun and different way to engage people amidst the restrictions and limitations we are all facing” as Ashley Grimm Associate Director of Athletics and Faculty Adviser of SAAC states.

Gabriella Johnson, member of the volleyball and swimming teams, and Jacob Pollock, member of the baseball team, as well as assistant director of Sports Medicine, Miranda Fisher, have participated in the challenge. Gabriella created a homemade Chex Mix and a sweet and savory cinnamon Greek yogurt fruit dip.

Jacob prepared a fruit salsa yogurt and mini chicken appetizer. Both agree this is a fun, creative way to engage students and a way to give students a good laugh.

Gabriella plans to participate in creating dishes for the remaining entrée and dessert weeks. Jacob has already made his entrée for the week, posting his video on social media, and will make a dessert in the final week of the Ship Chopped Challenge.

Follow along with the challenge with #ShipChoppedChallenge.