Mary Hykes transferred to Shippensburg University after a year at another institution.

“Truthfully, I transferred to Ship with the intent to just go to class and get my degree. I ended up getting more involved than I anticipated. In addition to working on campus and interacting with faculty, I met a number of students that shared a lot of similarities and I was able to form friendships that I wasn’t expecting,” Hykes said.

A graduate of Grace Academy in Hagerstown, Maryland, Hykes commuted to Ship for her studies. She didn’t expect so many opportunities through organizations and activities.

“I spent my last two semesters working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department,” Hykes said. “This was an invaluable experience as it enabled me to get to spend time with faculty outside of class and get to know them on a more personal level.”

Hykes is a May 2020 graduate of Ship’s Management, Human Resources Management Concentration, B.S.B.A. program.

“The most important thing about the human resource management program, as well as all the programs in the department, is the faculty,” Hykes said. “They truly care about the students and will do anything to help them succeed. This program challenges you to think critically and to be prepared for all sorts of situations that will arise in any workplace.”

Hykes applied for an internship through SHIP Career Connection that turned into a full-time position.

“I feel that my major prepares me for the future because I have been exposed to numerous situations that I am likely to face as well as how to approach those situations properly. Whether it be through coursework or through anecdotal stories of my faculty, I’ve gained knowledge in what being a manager is all about.”

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