Matthew Hinkley left Conrad Weiser High School with ambition to take part in great ROTC and international studies programs.

In May 2020, Hinkley graduated from Shippensburg University with opportunities to see 12 countries and ready to commission into active duty infantry.

“The study abroad experience helped me develop working skills with people from different cultures,” Hinkley said.

Ship’s International Studies, B.A. program certainly provided Hinkley with unique experiences, but he didn’t have to look far for them on campus either.

“The experience as a Ship student has been positive in many ways. When I first came to Shippensburg I didn’t know anyone, but throughout the clubs and programs Ship provides I was able to find my best friends,” Hinkley said. “The programs such as Leader@SHIP were meant for freshmen to build their leadership. That program really built my confidence. My experience in the ROTC program allowed me to earn my dream job as a US Army infantry officer.”

Hinkley also became involved with Theta Chi, Boxing Club, International Studies Club and ROTC cadet summer training in Fort Bliss, Texas.

While taking full advantage of all that Ship had to offer, Hinkley feels strongly he had the support he needed to succeed no matter what he took on.

“All the faculty members want to see you succeed. They stressed how their office hours are meant for students to seek help. They were very welcoming during office hours and in the classroom. I never felt judged by my professors. If I struggled in certain areas of my study, they provided guidance. I was on the study abroad trip with two Shippensburg professors. I felt like they were always there to help with any issues students faced.”

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