Kaitlin Fergeson is a member of Shippensburg University’s class of 2021. She is in the History, American History Concentration, B.A. program where she has developed close bonds with passionate faculty.

“Having such a good relationship with the professors has made me feel confident both in myself and in my abilities,” Fergeson said.

Part of those abilities include crafting excellent papers and conducting research. Thanks to an undergraduate research grant from Ship, Fergeson has had the unique opportunity to conduct research in both Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon in Virginia.

“History is vital to know for a multitude of reasons, but above all it is fun. History is a blast to study,” Fergeson said.

Ship is close to Fergeson’s home, which prompted initial interest for her and her family. As is the case with many prospective students and their families, they knew Ship was it for her when they visited campus. And she found there was so much more than just the opportunity for a history buff to receive one-on-one guidance from expert faculty.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the ShipRec as well. I am a gym rat and the facilities are excellent,” Fergeson said. “Also, the many clubs were a joy to discover.”

Fergeson is now a member of the Fencing Club, Equestrian Club and History Club on campus. Finding opportunities like these comes as no surprise given a piece of advice Fergeson would share with anyone aspiring to study history at Ship: “Delve as far as possible into a topic. You might be surprised by what you find.”

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