Senior Seth Edwards is honored to serve as the student trustee on the Shippensburg University Council of Trustees. He is mindful of the important leadership experience the role provides him, but it’s what he can do for his fellow students he is most focused on.

“I bring an incredibly unique voice to the table, the student trustee reports on what they are actively seeing, hearing and participating in on campus as an undergraduate student. They serve as the eyes of the council and their involvement is one that is paramount to the success of delivering and preserving Shippensburg University’s mission,” explained Edwards.

Before joining the council, the political science major with minors in communications and history, was an active member of the campus community. As a student admissions ambassador and Student Government Association officer he supported future and current Raiders, and he served as an SU history tour guide and co-founder of the SU Lighthouse Academy.

He greatly values all of his Ship experiences and understands the value they bring to his academic journey. He hopes to encourage others to get involved, maybe even as future student trustees

“You will polish your skills, improve your ability to be adaptable and think for not just yourself, but the many others you represent. You’ll flourish in your post-graduation career,” he explained.

Want to learn more about Edward’s role on the Council of Trustees? You can follow along as he takes over Ship’s Instagram on Friday, January 28. He’s got a full day of trustee work he’s going to share. Check it out on Instagram @ShippensburgU.