Alicia Bruno is set to finish Shippensburg University’s post-master’s degree certification program in educational leadership in 2021. It’s her first time in a program at Ship.

“Having attended two other universities, I assumed that at some point I might not be fully satisfied or feel as though I wasn’t challenged enough. Shippensburg definitely proved me wrong,” Bruno said. “I have been completely satisfied with all of my classes so far and I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their leadership skills.”

Many of Bruno’s colleagues went through the same program and raved about its authenticity within the assignments, projects and in-class experiences.

“What my colleagues told me was absolutely true. I have made relationships with peers in my classes that I currently maintain on both a professional and personal level. The realness of Shippensburg’s program allows you to collaborate and come together as leaders to be proud of the work we do every single day,” Bruno said. “The professors are phenomenal. They truly care about us and want to see us succeed. They are available, attentive and they take the time to get to know us as students in their classroom. They take the classes very seriously and challenge us to be the best we can be. I can honestly say, by far, Shippensburg has been the most valuable in all of my undergraduate and graduate studies.”

Bruno’s professional experience includes working for Philhaven as a therapeutic support staff member for teachers in autism support classrooms and families. She has also served as the Director of The Goddard School of Harrisburg and led a staff of over 30 teachers. Additionally, Bruno found her way into a dream role teaching autism support at Linglestown Middle School in the Central Dauphin School District.

“The hands-on experiences are what stand out the most. The courses offered at Shippensburg allow you to envision yourself obtaining your goals as you are working towards them simultaneously. The professors want you to feel like you have the tools you will need to take the content and put your skill set to the test.”

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