“The thing that drew me to Shippensburg University was the rich history in the area. Shippensburg is so close to so many historical places like Gettysburg.”

Shawn Pokrop knows what he enjoys. He’s a member of Ship’s class of 2022 in the History, Public History Concentration, B.A. and Anthropology Minor programs. Once he joined the Ship family, he immediately started taking part in hands-on experiences he enjoyed.

“My freshman year at Ship I helped at an archaeological dig site in Mount Holly Springs at a site of an old African American cemetery and church. I also had the chance to visit different places in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and see the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks,” Pokrop said. “Trips like these help you understand the meaning of history in a whole new way.”

Now in the thick of his Ship experience, Pokrop follows a piece of advice given to him by Dr. Steven Burg in the History and Philosophy Department: connections are everything. Pokrop has since made it his goal to connect with every faculty and staff member he meets. After meeting Dr. Karin J. Bohleke, director of the Fashion Archives and Museum of Shippensburg University, he secured an internship with the museum.

“The most important thing for someone that plans on being a history major to know about the program is how supportive the whole department is,” Pokrop said. “They will do whatever it takes to help you through classes and everyday life. I have many professors that I can just sit and talk to about anything and they will try to help me in any way they can.”

In addition to Minds@Work, Pokrop is also active outside the classroom in the marching band, concert band and clarinet ensemble. For him, it has all contributed to the family feel of the campus community.

“You get to know people around campus who work here and it’s nice walking into (Reisner Dining Hall) and the person at the door knows who you are. It’s a real feeling of home.”

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