Shippensburg University senior Kayla Morales brings a Little Free Library to the Shippensburg trailhead. The Little Free Library is a nationwide free book exchange program that aims to increase access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Morales installed the box as part of an assignment from Dr. Laurie Cella, associate professor of English. As part of Cella’s introduction to technical writing course, students are tasked with solving a problem on or off campus.

“I was inspired by the organization’s efforts in trying to instill a love of reading in neighborhoods all over the world and I felt that reading was a great way to unify the Shippensburg community,” Morales said.

Morales drafted inquiry emails and proposals leading to local support and funding for the project from the Shippensburg Rotary Club for the purchase of the little library, and received book donations from the Friends of the Shippensburg Public Library.

The Little Free Library provides a home for new and old books of all kinds. Stop by the Little Free Library to be a part of this literary movement.