“My freshman year all the professors I had knew my name within the first week of classes. They are amazing and they are always there for you for whatever you need.”

It’s safe to say Lacey Carey has felt right at home since joining the Shippensburg University family. She’s made plenty of other students feel a sense of community as well through her time as a resident assistant, peer anchor and leader in the psychology living learning community. She calls creating relationships, especially with faculty, one of the most important things a Ship student can do.

“These relationships have gotten me my teaching assistant position. It has let me work at open houses reaching out to seniors in high school. It has gotten me into a research class that is normally for juniors and seniors as a first semester sophomore and my job as a psychology tutor,” Carey said.

Carey is a member of Ship’s class of 2021. She is a psychology major and criminal justice minor.

“My major has really prepared me for success in the future by providing me with academic information that I am going to need and use in my future, but also by helping with nonacademic things like people skills and by running seminars about what graduate schools are looking for, and seminars with all the psych professors where you can come and ask them anything about their academic and psychological path and how they got to where they are,” Carey said. “It has also helped me get connected to a professor that I am now a teaching assistant for and by providing me opportunities to add to my resume and get me ready for the next step in my life.”

Carey is a graduate of Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School.

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