“There’s a substantial amount of things that you need to know if you are going into an engineering degree. Be prepared to work hard, work as a team with your classmates to solve complex problems and stay the course because it will pay off in the end.”

As a part-time member of the United States Air Force as a Pennsylvania Air National Guardsman, Matt Bellan knows a thing or two about working hard as part of a team.

“I feel my major has consistently shown me that teamwork and dedication go hand in hand in accomplishing goals. This will definitely aid me when I begin working for a company,” Bellan said.

A member of Shippensburg University’s class of 2021, Bellan is in the Electrical Engineering, B.S. degree program. He’s been pleased with his positive relationships with faculty and the growth of his professional skills, especially communication.

“Shippensburg’s School of Engineering has also provided me with great tools and hands-on training that is relatable to real-world job situations,” Bellan said. “There are challenging, yet attainable, deadlines that need to be met and professors that are there to help you accomplish them.”

Bellan is minoring in both business and mathematics. He serves as a mathematics and physics tutor at the Learning Center.

“My Ship experience has revolved around the word adventure. Throughout my time at Ship, I have met many individuals from all different backgrounds where we all share a common goal: growth and experience. That is something we can all share at Shippensburg,” Bellan said.

Bellan is a graduate of Northern York High School.

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