A Message to Faculty from Provost Tom Ormond.

Throughout the month of July, my office will send weekly updates on relevant information to help you prepare for the Fall 2020 semester. What follows is the first rendition for your information:

  • Faculty Technology and Pedagogical Training and Support: Instructional Design (ID), Information Technology (IT), Professional, Continuing and Distance Education (PCDE), and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) have created faculty trainings related to technology usage, online teaching pedagogy, one-on-one instructional design support and pedagogical mentoring.
    • These trainings begin July 6 with one-on-one sessions with IDT and CETL and culminate with three faculty training dates in early August. Sign up by emailing IDT SPGallagher@ship.edu or CETL CETL@ship.edu for your individual session or refer to the ship.edu/technology/employee/faculty_training_sessions/  for information on signing up for technology and pedagogy training days. The IT team will be offering information sessions on the ZOOM Meeting Owl. This training will be performed in a socially distant classroom with more information to follow.
  • Addressing Equity for Student Resources: Technology support and equipment for all students is of utmost importance during the fall 2020. Students in need of digital tools are able to request a portable device for their use during the fall. Additionally, laptops can be signed out at the library, and communication is being sent to all returning and new students with highly recommended technology equipment for fall 2020.
    • Additional trainings and communication will be provided at new student orientation in July and August, and as part of Fall Welcome Week.
  • Accommodations and Access: In support of all Shippensburg University students during fall 2020, students and faculty are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) for suggestions for adapting course instruction and student engagement to meet students’ accommodations. OAR sponsors trainings that outline assessment accommodations in D2L or through online and in-person testing.
  • Winter classes: With the fall 2020 semester ending one week earlier, faculty may choose to use a newly created six-week part-of-term for this winter, thus giving students one more week in their online classes. Talk to your department chair if you would like your course to start Dec. 7th.
  • Fall 2020 classrooms: Facilities is currently removing furniture in the academic buildings to create the social distancing necessary for classes to occur. More than 1,000 pieces of furniture will be removed and stored in this initiative. The Provost’s office, facilities and information technology have identified and are converting nontraditional spaces for physical distanced classroom for this fall.
  • Fall 2020 course schedules: The Provost’s office is working with the data scientist, information technology, and the registrar’s office in moving the class schedule in the least disruptive manner for students and faculty, with the goal of keeping all class meeting days/times the same but changing the room location. As part of regular processes, the chairs and deans’ offices will be part of the review which is anticipated for the week of July 13th.