Faculty Technology and Pedagogical Training and Support– Fall 2020

  1. July 6-16- Instruction Design and Technology 1-on-1 training and support
  2. July 6-31 – CETL- one on one pedagogy mentoring appointments  
  3. July 28, 29, 30 @ 10am1pm 3pm – Owl Meeting equipment
  4. Faculty training Days:
    Faculty can pick and choose which sessions they are interested in attending on one day or multiple days
    Training will include  technology in the classrooms as well as teaching online pedagogy; examity and Zoom, Owl Meeting technology, Pedagogy for remote teaching, group work, learning styles, exceptionalities – detailed schedules will be posted by July 10th.
    • August 4 from 1pm-5pm
    • August 5 from 10am-2pm
    • August 6 from 12pm-4pm


Student Tech Training and Support – Fall 2020

  • August 13 @ 12pm- Returning students  Zoom Session
  • August 14 sessions on campus for FY students as part of Fall Welcome week – for new and transfer students. 4 sessions today- 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm.
  • August 17 @ 1pm- all students Zoom Session
  • August 18 @ 3:30pm- all students Zoom Session
  • August 19 @ 11am- all students Zoom Session

Continued assistance for remote learners

  • Creation of Videos of 3-5 minutes using Vyond software on topics including those listed below will be created and marketed on the student tech webpage.  Also, marketed through student organizations.
    1. What to Expect in Remote Learning
    2. Time Management
    3. Organizing Your Learning Space
    4. Online Test-Taking Strategies
    5. Accessing Student Services and Resources Remotely


Parent Tech Support- Fall 2020

Invite all First Year and Transfer student parents to attend a ZOOM session on technology.  This will be a moderated sessions so any questions that get asked that can’t be answered will be followed up on. (Hosted by Technology Team and Lorie Davis/ Mark Chimel)

Dates:  TBD – Week of July 20 and 27 @ 7pm

Zoom Session will cover:

  • Encouraged tech to bring to college including types of computer.  This will include what we believe will make their student successful. Students definitely need a laptop or desktop, a webcam, and a microphone
  • Tools your students may use in remote learning or a socially distanced classroom: Zoom, D2L, Examity, Zoom App for mobile devices
  • Accessing specialty software
  • Introduction to Student Help Desk and support services for students.