The ROTC Military Science Department just gave the campus community a new option to get active with the installation of new fitness stations in the recreation fields. The customized pull-up bar, dip and sit-up stations were installed in collaboration with the university Facilities Management and Planning Department.

Through improved understanding of exercise science and physical training, the Army is transitioning from the Army Physical Fitness Test to the Army Combat Fitness Test. New equipment is vital to helping ROTC cadets prepare, train for and administer the new test, which aims to the strengthen fitness culture, reduce injuries and increase Army readiness.

While the Army will provide the majority of the equipment, some components needed to be locally resourced. In light of this, a parent of one of the cadets donated materials that allowed for the installation of the new stations.

“These fitness stations, which are open to all members of the Shippensburg University community, fill a critical need of the Military Science Department, while enhancing accessibility to fitness equipment and promoting healthy lifestyles for all at Ship. I’d like to personally thank our donor, as well as the wonderful Facilities Department, in their work to make this happen,” said Lt. Col. Chris Morton, chair of the Military Science Department.