Shippensburg University is pleased to announce the Education and Human Services spring 2020 graduation list. These 154 students join the ranks of Ship’s 70,000 strong alumni network throughout the world. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Name Degree Home County 
Karina Alvarez BS  PA – Adams
Sierra N. Carpenter BSED  PA – Adams
Brenna C. Feser BSED  PA – Adams
Caroline G. Hunley BSED  PA – Adams
Karli A. Kuhn BSED  PA – Adams
Alfonso Lopez Martinez BS  PA – Adams
Omar J. Rayo BSW  PA – Adams
Emily I. Solalinde-Cernas BSED  PA – Adams
Kalen L. Brady BSED  PA – Bedford
Evan Hooper UCRT  PA – Bedford
Evan Hooper BS  PA – Bedford
Mackenzie Livingston BSED  PA – Bedford
Amber M. Rettburg BSED  PA – Bedford
Ryleigh M. Teeter BSED  PA – Bedford
Nikole T. Botscheller BS  PA – Berks
Lucas P. Garner BSED  PA – Berks
Tucker C. Garner BSED  PA – Berks
Jessica Munoz BS  PA – Berks
Jessica Munoz UCRT  PA – Berks
Monet L. Pollard BSW  PA – Berks
Sahara-Ajee E. Randall BS  PA – Berks
Darius Tademy UCRT  PA – Berks
Darius Tademy BS  PA – Berks
Kayla N. Ritchey BSED  PA – Blair
Dane R. Smith BS  PA – Bradford
Katie E. Booth BS  PA – Bucks
Gillian N. Henes BSED  PA – Bucks
Emily M. Hogan BSW  PA – Bucks
Joseph M. Loffio BSW  PA – Carbon
Tiffany E. Muthler BSW  PA – Clinton
Adolfo Alvarez BS  PA – Cumberland
Samantha S. Beyzaei BSW  PA – Cumberland
Morgan T. Brymesser BSED  PA – Cumberland
Hannah E. Castro BS  PA – Cumberland
Andrea N. Crawford BSED  PA – Cumberland
Jordan H. Davis BSED  PA – Cumberland
Christian Heagy UCRT  PA – Cumberland
Christian Heagy BS  PA – Cumberland
Yvette M. Husband BSED  PA – Cumberland
Duane F. Kelso BS  PA – Cumberland
Job M. Kitzmiller BS  PA – Cumberland
Job M. Kitzmiller UCRT  PA – Cumberland
Hannah G. Langel BSED  PA – Cumberland
Calvin R. Nause BS  PA – Cumberland
Calvin R. Nause UCRT  PA – Cumberland
Kaitlin N. Regan UCRT  PA – Cumberland
Kaitlin N. Regan BS  PA – Cumberland
Nyisha M. Rodriguez BS  PA – Cumberland
Foday D. Russell BS  PA – Cumberland
Cam W. Strohe BS  PA – Cumberland
Grace R. Swarner BSW  PA – Cumberland
Lauren E. Taylor BSW  PA – Cumberland
Austin T. Adams BS  PA – Dauphin
Maddison L. Adams BSED  PA – Dauphin
Zachary Beers BS  PA – Dauphin
Morgan R. Blickley BSED  PA – Dauphin
Charles Bowman BSW  PA – Dauphin
Kayla B. Divens BSED  PA – Dauphin
Ulyses Hernandez BSED  PA – Dauphin
Canar A. Morrison BS  PA – Dauphin
Daniel J. Osenbach BSED  PA – Dauphin
Corynne T. Smith BSED  PA – Dauphin
Matthew A. Gianchetti BS  PA – Delaware
Jiquanna Nelson BS  PA – Delaware
Abigail D. Buhrman BSED  PA – Franklin
Kylie R. Carbaugh BSW  PA – Franklin
Madison E. Citro BSED  PA – Franklin
Logan R. Dixon BS  PA – Franklin
Ashton N. Heckman BSED  PA – Franklin
Jesie L. Henry BSW  PA – Franklin
Emma E. Kendle BSED  PA – Franklin
Zachary R. Koons BS  PA – Franklin
Kaitlyn E. Miles BSED  PA – Franklin
Erin M. Miller UCRT  PA – Franklin
Erin M. Miller BS  PA – Franklin
Kaila L. Ocker BS  PA – Franklin
Kailer J. Patterson BSW  PA – Franklin
Benjamin A. Ruiz BS  PA – Franklin
Benjamin A. Ruiz UCRT  PA – Franklin
Alyssa N. Scott BSED  PA – Franklin
Amber D. Shaffer BSED  PA – Franklin
Nichole E. Shover BSED  PA – Franklin
Makayla D. Smiley BSED  PA – Franklin
Emily E. Stottlemyer BSW  PA – Franklin
Sierra I. Wenger BSED  PA – Franklin
Lydia R. Wiley BSED  PA – Franklin
Ashley B. Winters BSED  PA – Franklin
Kaitlin Castle BSW  PA – Fulton
Maria I. Briggs BSW  PA – Huntingdon
Bethany P. Rosevear BS  PA – Huntingdon
Gwendolyn C. Anderson BSED  PA – Juniata
Megan E. Hart UCRT  PA – Juniata
Megan E. Hart BS  PA – Juniata
Megan N. Swartz BSED  PA – Juniata
Victoria E. Burns BS  PA – Lancaster
Chauvin Chhay BS  PA – Lancaster
Jenna M. Doll BS  PA – Lancaster
Rachel L. Lapp BS  PA – Lancaster
Jordan S. Styer BS  PA – Lancaster
Miranda E. Snyder BSW  PA – Lebanon
Quincy W. Gaffney BS  PA – Lehigh
Madison L. Renfroe BSW  PA – Lehigh
Samantha C. Webber BSED  PA – Lehigh
Cassie M. Zaleski BSW  PA – Lehigh
Christopher K. Bonanny BSED  PA – Luzerne
Autumn L. Beattie BS  PA – Lycoming
Bradley J. Brickman BS  PA – Monroe
Micaela E. Ghanayem BSED  PA – Montgomery
Julia A. Gregory BSW  PA – Montgomery
Claire E. Maurer BSED  PA – Montgomery
Sean F. Orrison BS  PA – Montgomery
Thomas M. Savercool BS  PA – Northampton
Sydney P. Warner BSED  PA – Northampton
William H. Snyder BS  PA – Northumberland
Cameron E. May BS  PA – Perry
Paige J. Rice BSED  PA – Perry
Amirah Y. Bolling BS  PA – Philadelphia
Shaheed J. Hill BSW  PA – Philadelphia
James V. Johnson BS  PA – Philadelphia
Salimah N. Logan BS  PA – Philadelphia
Sallie-Shadeerah C. Mairena BSED  PA – Philadelphia
Zaria S. Robinson BSW  PA – Philadelphia
Alanna D. Rosado BS  PA – Philadelphia
Anthony G. Tarpeh BS  PA – Philadelphia
Anthony G. Tarpeh UCRT  PA – Philadelphia
Joy Wells BS  PA – Philadelphia
Rachel N. Idacavage BS  PA – Schuylkill
Amber N. Spahn BSED  PA – Schuylkill
Alexander R. Roy BS  PA – Union
Ryan A. Zettlemoyer BS  PA – Union
Kyle W. Hartman BS  PA – Wayne
Alexandra Kryzan BSED  PA – Wayne
Derek R. Berberick BS  PA – Westmoreland
Emily L. Corwin BSED  PA – York
Cortnney D. Faulkner BSW  PA – York
Kaitlyn J. Forbes BS  PA – York
Megan E. Green BSED  PA – York
Ty E. Gulley BSW  PA – York
Nathaniel J. Helwig BS  PA – York
Alison K. Miller BSED  PA – York
Rhys A. Seggel BS  PA – York
Thomas R. Smith BS  PA – York
Noah A. Sowers BS  PA – York
Ally R. Williams BSED  PA – York
Kelsy L. Fitzgerald BS DE – New Castle
Shelby M. Rhoten BSED MD – Carroll
Jack A. Newkirk BSED MD – Frederick
Troy Walter BS MD – Howard
Troy Walter UCRT MD – Howard
Abigail G. Jones BSED MD – Washington
Hannah R. Myers BSW MD – Washington
Emily A. Martino BSED NJ – Camden
Faith A. Loehle BSED NY – Suffolk
Elizabeth R. Chiumento BSED TX – Harris