Shippensburg University is pleased to announce the John L. Grove College of Business spring 2020 graduation list. These 229 students join the ranks of Ship’s 70,000 strong alumni network throughout the world. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!


Name Degree Home County
Levi M. Baker BSBA  PA – Adams
Samantha D. Brown BSBA  PA – Adams
Karissa R. Byers BSBA  PA – Adams
Amanda Keffer BSBA  PA – Adams
Christopher P. Kletz BSBA  PA – Adams
Rebecca N. Martin BSBA  PA – Adams
Katrina A. Roshak BSBA  PA – Adams
Zachary M. Wlazlak BSBA  PA – Adams
Kellsie M. Woodward BSBA  PA – Adams
Christopher J. Ziegler BSBA  PA – Adams
Courtney N. Collins BSBA  PA – Allegheny
Adam Langdon BSBA  PA – Allegheny
Samantha J. Stasiak BSBA  PA – Allegheny
Trey D. Cooper BSBA  PA – Bedford
Lori A. Harman BSBA  PA – Bedford
Abigail L. Hodge BSBA  PA – Bedford
Darla N. Mosbey BSBA  PA – Bedford
Sean J. Bologa BSBA  PA – Berks
Ryleigh A. DeLong BSBA  PA – Berks
Sarah C. Diaz Perez BSBA  PA – Berks
Jordan M. Goodrich BSBA  PA – Berks
Ethan M. Haas BSBA  PA – Berks
Madison Hoffman BSBA  PA – Berks
Mary G. Johnson BSBA  PA – Berks
Erin R. Murphy BSBA  PA – Berks
London S. Whitfield BSBA  PA – Berks
Delaney E. Hurd BSBA  PA – Blair
Eric T. Kennedy BSBA  PA – Blair
Cole Billie BSBA  PA – Bucks
Carly R. Decembrino BSBA  PA – Bucks
Abigail L. Esch BSBA  PA – Bucks
Benjamin R. Esser BSBA  PA – Bucks
Emily K. Fox BSBA  PA – Bucks
Neal J. Harkins BSBA  PA – Bucks
Michael J. Hilliard BSBA  PA – Bucks
Alexander P. Kleinert BSBA  PA – Bucks
Kenneth B. Lehman BSBA  PA – Bucks
Rebecca M. Lennon BSBA  PA – Bucks
Johnathan F. Lilley BSBA  PA – Bucks
Margaret M. Ramsden BSBA  PA – Bucks
Bradley M. Solorzano BSBA  PA – Bucks
Allen J. Cain BSBA  PA – Centre
John T. Statham BSBA  PA – Centre
Zachary C. Blumberg BSBA  PA – Chester
Joshua A. Bream BSBA  PA – Chester
Ahmad Jones BSBA  PA – Chester
Ryan D. Ohar BSBA  PA – Chester
Sarah R. Stern BSBA  PA – Chester
Abigail M. Tamburro BSBA  PA – Chester
Lynsey Zemanick BSBA  PA – Chester
Morgan L. Kowalski BSBA  PA – Clinton
Ali Alqahtani BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Dylan M. Beale BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Andrew P. Butz BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Leah E. Carey BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Madeline W. Carson BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Matthew D. Coyle BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Douglas K. Edgar BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Madison L. Eutzy BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Travis J. Farey BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Mikko L. Filio BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Chase S. Fisher BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Derek J. Ford BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Connor B. Fry BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Trevor J. Gerhart BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Makayla J. Glass BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Noah C. Hamrick BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Erika M. Heishman BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Timothy L. Hutchison BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Brandon G. Jones BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Larissa K. Kelso BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Matthew R. Ketterer BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Thomas Levendusky BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Morgan D. Lombard BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Lauren K. Metcalf BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Brandon A. Nace BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Isaiah E. Seilhamer BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Nichole F. Strickler BSBA  PA – Cumberland
Hailey B. Bryett BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Matthew R. Coakley BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Grayson L. Cvijic BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Sean M. Fox BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Gabrielle E. James BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Jessica L. King-Cunningham BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Shana A. Louden BSBA  PA – Dauphin
McLane W. Lydell BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Sarah R. Parmer BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Christina M. Rudy BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Samuel W. Snoke BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Braydon A. Thompson BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Oliver L. Troxell BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Chance B. Witmer BSBA  PA – Dauphin
Kelly A. Ahearn BSBA  PA – Delaware
William P. Cook BSBA  PA – Delaware
Gregory R. Kingston BSBA  PA – Delaware
Ian A. Reid BSBA  PA – Delaware
Noah B. Turner BSBA  PA – Delaware
Cedric J. Adams BSBA  PA – Franklin
Casey D. Bard BSBA  PA – Franklin
Alejandro A. Barillas BSBA  PA – Franklin
Trey I. Binkley BSBA  PA – Franklin
Kevin C. Butler BSBA  PA – Franklin
Cesiah N. Carrillo BSBA  PA – Franklin
Deirdre L. Conway BSBA  PA – Franklin
Tucker L. Covalt BSBA  PA – Franklin
Nery J. David BSBA  PA – Franklin
Shelby N. Denlinger BSBA  PA – Franklin
Joseph A. Gallant BSBA  PA – Franklin
Anthony K. Garland BSBA  PA – Franklin
Tyler M. Hahn BSBA  PA – Franklin
Kyla L. Hare BSBA  PA – Franklin
Dylan C. Hill BSBA  PA – Franklin
Joshua W. Horton BSBA  PA – Franklin
Mary E. Hykes BSBA  PA – Franklin
Aaron E. McBeth BSBA  PA – Franklin
Rachel L. Miller BSBA  PA – Franklin
Emily E. Ott BSBA  PA – Franklin
Caitlin S. Porter BSBA  PA – Franklin
Gabriel A. Wenger BSBA  PA – Franklin
Emily R. White BSBA  PA – Franklin
Rachel A. Snyder BSBA  PA – Fulton
Alexis K. Hammons BSBA  PA – Huntingdon
Rosaria Amato BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Hannah E. Bentz BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Kyle A. Blessing BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Thomas A. Block BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Timothy M. Bogush BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Nathan J. Brown BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Nathan R. Bucher BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Nhan T. Chung BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Nathanial E. Connor BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Nikelle M. Connor BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Meghan L. Diffenderfer BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Trevor R. Fichthorn BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Megan D. Gingrich BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Matthew J. Lownsbery BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Allison N. Lucia BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Katelyn M. Martin BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Timothy I. Spinelli BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Emily M. Steinbeiser BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Tamara M. Taylor BSBA  PA – Lancaster
Cole A. Dumbauld BSBA  PA – Lebanon
Trevor M. Frye BSBA  PA – Lebanon
Austin R. Yetter BSBA  PA – Lebanon
Thomas J. Dooley BSBA  PA – Lehigh
Ann M. OBrien BSBA  PA – Lehigh
Deionte I. Wilson BSBA  PA – Lehigh
Joseph J. Buczynski BSBA  PA – Luzerne
Brian McNew BSBA  PA – Luzerne
Maranda S. Moosic BSBA  PA – Luzerne
Grace H. Penney BSBA  PA – Luzerne
Jacob Scarnulis BSBA  PA – Luzerne
Noah D. Anders BSBA  PA – Mifflin
Logan E. Wert BSBA  PA – Mifflin
Nicholas S. Wilkinson BSBA  PA – Monroe
Jack T. Cornely BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Nicholas J. Fioravanti BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Zachary J. Hunsberger BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Jessica L. Lawrence BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Tyler J. Morton BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Emily M. Picciotto BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Mackenzie A. Reichert BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Paige M. Totten BSBA  PA – Montgomery
Larissa J. Follweiler BSBA  PA – Northampton
Francesca M. Laudone BSBA  PA – Northampton
John C. Morey BSBA  PA – Northampton
Chad M. O’Donnell BSBA  PA – Northampton
Abygale M. Repsher BSBA  PA – Northampton
Gavyn T. Deiter BSBA  PA – Perry
Ethan L. Lesher BSBA  PA – Perry
Barbara A. Megonnell BSBA  PA – Perry
John J. Selle BSBA  PA – Perry
Kimani-Lee S. Baker BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
David A. Crudele BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
Terry R. Hall BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
Jiciana Knight BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
Derek W. Shuman BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
Lillian M. Vasko BSBA  PA – Philadelphia
Leonard C. Dulsky BSBA  PA – Schuylkill
Madison T. Legutko BSBA  PA – Schuylkill
Kimberly S. Loughlin BSBA  PA – Schuylkill
Kevin J. Schaeffer BSBA  PA – Schuylkill
Grayson N. Umbenhaur BSBA  PA – Schuylkill
Hannah B. Hunt BSBA  PA – Somerset
Casey J. McLaughlin BSBA  PA – Tioga
Brandon T. Hemmerle BSBA  PA – Union
Hannah Strickengloss BSBA  PA – Westmoreland
Devanie T. Heller BSBA  PA – Wyoming
Vincent C. Acri BSBA  PA – York
Zachary R. Barnes BSBA  PA – York
Nicholas J. Bertholdt BSBA  PA – York
Courtney N. Carroll BSBA  PA – York
Corbin A. Chevaux BSBA  PA – York
Madison E. Chivers BSBA  PA – York
Alexandra M. Ernest BSBA  PA – York
Darren B. Fuller BSBA  PA – York
Eliza H. Fullerton BSBA  PA – York
Gavin M. George BSBA  PA – York
Elijah P. Gregory BSBA  PA – York
Danielle M. Harriman BSBA  PA – York
Cierra J. Leathery BSBA  PA – York
Grant T. Lippy BSBA  PA – York
Madison B. McDaniel BSBA  PA – York
Derek V. Myers BSBA  PA – York
Alena M. Ross BSBA  PA – York
Adam B. Schmick BSBA  PA – York
Nicolas A. Seymour BSBA  PA – York
Kessandra R. Shambough BSBA  PA – York
Walton A. Shull BSBA  PA – York
Kevin Snyder BSBA  PA – York
Samantha H. Steinhoff BSBA  PA – York
James A. Warehime BSBA  PA – York
Landon J. Archangelo BSBA DE – New Castle
Savannah M. Nell BSBA FL – Escambia
Riley Pack BSBA MD – Anne Arundel
Jordan M. Cassatt BSBA MD – Carroll
Johnathan T. Hickey BSBA MD – Frederick
Anthony D. Inamagua BSBA MD – Frederick
Matthew T. Lynch BSBA MD – Frederick
Gretta E. Schaefer BSBA MD – Frederick
Brett W. Blackburn BSBA MD – Howard
Andrew M. Owens BSBA MD – Washington
Rebecca A. Bohi BSBA NJ – Burlington
Douglas Gardner BSBA NJ – Gloucester
Kristopher R. Kenny BSBA NJ – Middlesex
Edward J. Leitgeb BSBA NJ – Morris
Matthew P. Dolecki BSBA NJ – Sussex
Nicholas S. Smith BSBA VA – Fauquier
Jacob S. Pollock BSBA VA – Stafford