What is Ship Connects?

Ship Connects is the university’s brand new, official online platform for networking and bringing together alumni, faculty, staff, and students.  Ship Connects makes it easy to leverage the power of connection across the Shippensburg University community to achieve your professional goals.

When you join the community, you can:

  • Connect with alumni in your city or industry of interest
  • Join discussion groups based on your interest
  • Support students and fellow alumni through mentoring
  • Find a mentor
  • View the job board or post opportunities

Ship Connects |Expanding your network

Learning to connect with, contribute to, and collaborate within a community of peers and partners is an essential skill for future success.

On Ship Connects, alumni and students can connect to share professional experiences and seek career advice from alumni, faculty, and staff. Alumni, faculty, and staff can self-select ways to engage with the Ship family via avenues of mentorship, job shadowing, industry insight, or professional development. Participation not only amplifies our students’ development and preparation but also allows you access to exceptional talent for your team.

Ship Connects |Student support

Help us help students. Ship students are looking for answers and mentors as they pursue their passions and contemplate careers. Ship Connects brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends to expand students’ knowledge and prepare them for a successful career launch. Provide advice and guidance, share your stories of success, offer internship and employment opportunities, and deepen your connection with the University.

Ship Connects was specifically designed to allow students to connect based on similar interests. Students can participate in discussions in group forums and in a 1-1 matching mentoring program.

Ship Connects | How do I get started?

  1. Visit shipconnects.ship.edu
  2. Click “CONNECT NOW”
  3. Sign in using your LinkedIn account or valid email address (we’ll confirm your university affiliation). Faculty, staff, and students should sign in using MyShip SSO.
  4. Complete your profile (hint: you can import information from your LinkedIn profile to make things easier).
  5. Start exploring the platform ask questions, explore the tabs, reach out to your fellow alumni.


Ship Connects | Making Connections

Once you create your account, start exploring! You’ll notice tabs across the top of your screen. Read below for a bit of information on each one.

  • Network
    The Network shows profile cards for all users currently signed up. These users are here to help you! Use the <Filter> option to hone in on your search. You can filter users by city, major, industry, employer, clubs and organizations, and more. Use this profile information to see if someone would be a great resource to connect with. Then click Let’s Connect!
  • Directory
    The Directory includes users who have opted-in to Ship Connects and those who have yet to join! Messages you send to those who have not opted-in will go to the email we have registered for them and hopefully drive them to Ship Connects.
  • Jobs
    Here you can view jobs that have been posted by human resource professionals or shared by fellow users. Want to help the Ship Connects community get hired? Share an opportunity here!
  • Groups
    Groups are smaller forums for discussion. We have groups defined by industry, by region, as well as some social groups. Join the group where you have an interest or affiliation. Current groups include:

    • Business, Consulting, Finance
    • Education, Nonprofit, and Human Services
    • Government, Law, and International Affairs
    • Greek Life
    • Health Professions, Public Health, Life Sciences
    • International Life – Going Global
    • LGBTQ+
    • Multicultural Alumni and Students
    • New York City
    • Public Relations, Communications, and Meda
    • Small Business Owners and Operators and Entrepreneurship
    • Technology, Engineering, and Physical Sciences
    • Women Leaders
  • Programs
    Raiders Connect 365 is a yearlong career mentoring program for Shippensburg University studenst with alumni and industry employers in the student’s chosen career field. The program is based on the growing demand that more and more students need intentional and meaningful relationships where topics of professional development in the work place, career guidance, and networking are shared. Mentorship doesn’t happen by accident. The mentor/mentee relationship is one of the most rewarding experiences in which students, alumni, and employers can be involved. The Career, Mentoring and Professional Development Center will match mentors and students for optimal fit and will provide programming for mentees and mentors to discuss in person, on the phone or via video conference. Tab to Programs and be sure to Join the Program.
  • Discussion
    Discussion is just that – a forum to ask questions of anyone on the network.
  • Resources
    Here you can find resources on how to use the platform, as well as specific resources for mentees and mentors. Resources also highlights an alumni business directory.


Please send inquires to shipconnects@ship.edu

Brought to you Shippensburg University Alumni Relations and The Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center.