Dr. Tom Ormond, university provost, announced that seven faculty members are the recipients of 2019-20 Teaching Innovation and Pedagogy Spotlight (TIPS) awards.

The awards were announced last Wednesday at the annual campus-wide meeting to start the school year. The meeting was held through a virtual presentation due to social distancing measures in place on campus.

The TIPS awards are issued to one tenure track faculty member from each college who demonstrates outstanding evidence of the following criteria in an undergraduate or graduate course: implementing technology in teaching and learning outcomes throughout the course, integrating research projects and assignments related to the course content, providing field experiences related to the course goals, administering authentic and varied assessments related to the course content knowledge and skills, and structuring collaborations among students and/or colleagues.

Nominations are submitted by the faculty and reviewed by the provost.

The 2019-20 TIPS award winners are:

Chad Bennett




Academic Engagement and Exploratory Studies: Dr. Chad Bennett and Dr. Rebecca Harris. Bennett and Harris developed the AEES 103 course “Introduction to Exploratory Studies” and were credited for the integration of career coach assessments and technology that helped students identify personality traits, skills, and abilities.







College of Arts & Sciences: Dr. Robert Lesman and Dr. Kathryn Potoczak. Lesman created the SPN 330 course “Spanish for the Professions” and recently included two new professional settings into the course: social work and education. He also provided training in translation and interpretation. Potoczak was credited for building a strong foundation of basic concepts and principles in behavior studies through her courses that actively assisted students in their introduction to real-world settings.




John L. Grove College of Business: Dr. Vicki Taylor. Taylor was credited for exercises in her compensation course, and for her use of active learning methods in the classroom that helped engage students and fostered better understanding of course materials.







College of Education & Human Services: Dr. Wendy Kubasko and Dr. Alan Vandrew. Kubasko and Vandrew were recognized for their work in the ELP 514 class “Practicum I Leadership Field Experiences at the Building Level,” specifically in documenting purposeful feedback during student teaching and providing students opportunities to serve as teachers, coaches and certification candidates to SU student teachers.