Ship alumna Tracy Sestili was featured as a guest speaker on the ManagerMirror, a podcast which, “demystif[ies] the role of [the] corporate people manager by providing learnings and insight from proven experts and crowdsourced perspective”.

“Tracy’s leadership includes experiences managing production teams, strategizing in the boardroom, and founding a non-profit,” according to podcast owner, Bradley Bilen.

Sestili currently serves as the vice president of Marketing at Fountain in San Francisco, a talent acquisition platform. She is a previous recipient of Ship’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award and a Phi Sigma Sigma alumna.

In the podcast episode, Sestili shares managerial and strategic planning techniques, discusses expectation setting, and teases out the differences between leading a non-profit and a corporate company.

Listen to Sestili’s episode on MangerMirror podcast, available on Spotify, here.
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