Shippensburg University elementary education alumna, Patricia Herber ’75, is engaging readers with her modern-day nursery rhyme anthology, Butterflies, Bears, and Other Poems for Children. Drawing on 31 years of experience teaching first-grade in Pine Grove, PA, Herber used rhymes and colorful artwork to teach about holidays, dental health, fire safety, animals, dinosaurs, and more.

“I firmly believe that the concept of rhyming is one important skill, among many, that can help a child to increase his/her vocabulary from one word to eight words, just like that,” Herber exclaimed.

Herber earned a BSED in elementary education from Shippensburg University in 1975 and continued her education with a master’s from Penn State.

Learn more about Herber and “Butterflies, Bears, and Other Poems for Children” in the full press release here.