The International Flag Display at Shippensburg University has been occurring for 11 years during the annual celebration of International Education Week, October 26-30, 2020.  The flag display, created and maintained by Dr. Sean Cornell Associate Professor of Geography/Earth Science, has been a vibrant and visual part of the celebration.  The tradition has also included a partnership with children from the 5th grade class at Grace B. Luhrs Elementary School.  The flags represent the nations around the world in which members of the Ship family including faculty, staff and students originate from when born outside of the United States.

Flags have a deep meaning for all of us.  Seeing the flags all in one place at the heart of campus is symbolic of our proudly celebrated diversity and a renewed visual demonstration of how important diversity is to Shippensburg University.  The flags celebrate ALL of us and remind us that we MUST embrace and celebrate each other during IEW and all year round.

If you have a strong affinity for an international flag, we would love to see you with the flag.  Perhaps you were born outside of the U.S.?  Are you an international student studying at Ship?  Have you spent time traveling, studying or researching abroad?  Do you intend to travel in the future and have a country you want to visit?  Snap a picture of yourself with the flag and upload it here to  to help us celebrate during International Education Week.