A partial, campus electrical power outage is scheduled for Tuesday December 15.

The following buildings will have their main power disconnected starting on/around 8 a.m., with power being restored on/before 1:00 p.m.:

  • Chilled Water Plant
  • Harley Hall
  • Gilbert Hall
  • Henderson Gym
  • Horton Hall
  • Huber Arts Center
  • Kieffer Hall
  • Kriner Dining
  • Lackhove
  • Luhr’s Performing Arts Center
  • McCune Hall
  • McLean Hall
  • Memorial Auditorium
  • Multi-Purpose Field
  • Naugle Hall
  • Old Main
  • Reed Operations
  • Reisinger House
  • Robb Field
  • Rowland Hall
  • Shearer Hall
  • Ship Rec. Center
  • Spiritual Center
  • Stewart Hall
  • Steam Plant
  • Tennis Courts
  • Wright Hall

Buildings will begin being disconnected from the electrical grid between 7-am to 8-am.

The reason for this outage is to allow the electrical contractor to do electric meter maintenance in the main sub-station.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact Rusty Kugler @ jwkugler@ship.edu, or call me @ 717-477-1486 (office); or Cell, 717-830-4376.


Rusty Kugler

Assc. Dir., Physical Plant/Facilities