Dhiman Chattopadhyay,  communication/journalism, had his research published in the Global Media & Communication Journal (SJR Rank Communication 145/445; Impact Factor .658) in January 2021. The research paper titled: #Kanhaiya: Exploring Indian journalists’ use of Twitter to share developing news and audience engagement with different types of tweets” – was uploaded online-first on January 22 and will also appear in the journal’s print issue in April 2021.

Chattopadhyay was also interviewed for and featured in an article titled: “Experts weigh in on current job market trends”  in the global career research site zippia.com.  The article (link above) featured interviews of 12 faculty members from different universities across the United States. 

Lastly, Chattopadhyay was selected as one of the three lead trainers/ faculty lead, to conduct a prestigious three-week virtual International Training Workshop titled: Research Methods – Insights & Applications (Jan 16—Feb 7) organized jointly by Ohio University’s Institute for International Journalism and Calcutta University, India.  Chattopadhyay led the first module on “In-depth Interviews as Research Tool” (Jan. 16-22), as the trainer/facilitator. A total of 619 faculty members & pos-doc scholars from 19 nations applied to this virtual workshop. The steering committee ultimately chose 18 finalists from 10 nations, who went through nine hours of synchronous learning/training, and a further 21 hours of asynchronous sessions. The remaining modules were led by senior faculty members from Townson University, and Ohio University respectively.