Ship’s Center for Land Use and Sustainability is working with several community partners to create a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Cumberland County and they need your help. If you live, work, volunteer or own a business in Cumberland County, you are invited to provide your perceptions of climate change risks and actions in a brief (seven-minute) online survey.

The survey is the first step in developing a climate action plan for Cumberland County, which is being developed through a partnership between Cumberland County, Shippensburg University, Dickinson College, and the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The climate action plan will identify greenhouse gas emission sources by sector in the county and recommend voluntary actions that residents, local governments, and businesses can take to improve energy efficiency and decrease emissions to limit climate change impacts. 

Dr. Tim Hawkins, professor of geography/earth science and CLUS affiliate is representing Ship on this project with the assistance of senior sustainability major Meaghan Blair and geoenvironmental studies graduate student Jacob Wacker.

“The CAP is a critical part of planning for and preparing our region for future changes.  I encourage every county resident, including our Ship campus community, to complete the survey so we can assess the broad range of viewpoints regarding Cumberland County and climate change,” said Hawkins.

The university community is encouraged to take the survey, which is available through April 15, 2021.