ESTEEM is a career outreach event for regional seventh grade young women – exploring science, technology, engineering, earth science, and mathematics. The program is in its 12th year and has reached over 1500 young women since 2012. The event has grown to bringing in about 400 young women to campus each May for a series of hands-on workshops. Having to shift gears this year given the pandemic, the event went virtual with an ESTEEM Spring Series of workshops and career panels.

The support of amazing faculty and students has made the 2021 ESTEEM Spring Series a success, once more. The event was sponsored by Shippensburg University in conjunction with Gannett-Fleming, enabling us to send goodie bags to all the young women who participated this spring.

Kudos go to the following faculty, students and regional women in STEM:

Biology Department

Dr. Sherri Bergsten, Biology Department Chair, Moderator for Career Panel Discussion

Kerrianne Fry, Genetic Counselor, Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute

Krystal Mason, Epidemiologist, Pennsylvania Department of Health

Jenna Watson, Doctoral Student, University of Tennessee

Chemistry Department

Dr. Robin McCann

Dr. Allison Predecki

Janine Ocker, Cumberland County Analytical Services

Geography and Earth Science

Dr. Claire Jantz

Dr. Nancy Hendricks, Superintendent Petroglyph National Monument

Caitlin Lucas, Franklin County Conservation District

Ashley Mengle, Gannett Fleming

Dr. Koren Nydick, Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources at Rocky Mountain National Park

Dr. Aleksandra Pitts, National Park Service

Dr. Rose Verbos, National Park Service

Samantha Weiger, Masters Student, Johns Hopkins University

Math Department

Dr. Ji Young Choi

Dr. Debbie Gochenaur, Program Director

Dr. Kim Presser

Jackie Baker, SU Math major

Emma Barrow, SU Math major

Maggie Myers, SU Math major

Amy Rehnert, SU Math major

Megan Sanchez, SU Math major

Courtney Schoen, SU Math major

Gianna Sigado, SU Math major

Hayleigh Highlands, SU Middle Level major

Grace Neller, Gettysburg Areas Senior High School

Amy Chun, Partner, Knobbe Martens

Lynell Johnson, Instructional Systems Designer, Department of Defense

Crystal Evans, SU Math/Data Science Alumni, Deloitte Consulting

Jessica Burns, SU Computer Science Alumni, Backend Engineering