Campus Community,

Greetings from the COVID-19 office and welcome back to Fall2021. Thank you for a successful start of the semester as we all continue to manage the impacts of COVID-19 on our daily lives.

The Delta variant has brought new risk to our college population. According to the CDC, people ages 18 to 49 make up the largest demographic of hospitalized people due to COVID-19. Experts say while initially a person’s age and underlying conditions were the biggest factors for hospitalization, now it is vaccine status.

The threat of surges in the positivity rates persists with the spread of the Delta variant, and masking will remain a requirement as a measure to protect our community.

Masking and vaccination continue to be the most effective tactics for minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Please keep wearing your mask and if you haven’t yet, get vaccinated. Vaccinated members of the community are less likely to get sick and have less disruption in life on campus (class, work, activities) if exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19, reducing your time in quarantine by at least 7 days. Check out our Vax Facts.


Get the vaccine on campus. It’s free. It’s easy. 

(Or find one of the many local pharmacies offering the vaccine for free.)

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

COVID-19 vaccination is a safer way to help build protection from serious illness from COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to help stop the pandemic (with other mitigation protocols)

COVID-19 vaccination will reduce your chances of getting COVID-19

None of the COVID-19 vaccines will give you COVID-19!

LET US KNOW YOU ARE VACCINATED: Help us know the vaccination rates among our student population. Please submit your proof of vaccination by submitting directly to the Etter Health Center or submit your vaccination proof online.


See our Raider Respect website and improved dashboard for more information. The website is currently updated every Monday.


1.    The R3 Testing Center is located in room 121 of the CUB Building. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. It will be closed on Labor Day.

2.      Schedule appointments conveniently online or by calling 717-477-7333.

3.      The R3 Testing center has expanded the number of tests per hour to accommodate demand.

4.    Testing is a supplement to our current mitigation protocols including masking and social distancing.

5.   For questions about the R3 Testing Center, please contact or call x7333.


Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call x1458 to set up an appointment with Etter Health Center.

Employees experiencing symptoms, please stay away from campus, consult your health provider and review with your supervisor and Human Resources as necessary.


While surface contact has been dispelled as a significant threat for the spread of COVID-19, our custodial staff will continue to focus on common areas, including lounges and classrooms. Our dedicated staff will be cleaning high-touch areas throughout the day. Should you have any questions, requests or concerns, please contact our custodial staff at 717-477-1726.


Please remember that face masks are required indoors. These should be tight-fitting face masks, not face-coverings like bandanas or neck gaiters. When outdoors, we ask non-vaccinated individuals to wear masks when they cannot maintain 6 feet of social distance.

How to Properly Wear a Mask



·         The mask should fit snugly around the mouth and nose. If the mask has a metal wire, it should be fitted snugly to the bridge of the nose.

·         Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.  If you need to touch or adjust your mask, please remember to clean your hands prior to doing so.

·         Cloth masks should be washed frequently.