Shippensburg University is offering a new tool to help students succeed in the classroom. Circlein is an all-in-one study platform now available to all Ship students. The app was created to provide a space for classmates to gather to study, share skills, attack difficult problems, improve study habits and motivate each other to succeed.

According to Dr. Lynn Baynum, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, students succeed academically when they are engaged in authentic experiences that expand their connections to course content. CircleIn is a resource that encourages increased engagement.

“CircleIn provides students with opportunities to meet virtually to discuss faculty expectations, to share student generated course tools, and to build relationships within and even outside of the classroom. Faculty can view student engagement and use students interactions as part of participation expectations for a course. In this way, students gain the benefit of increasing their agency and ownership of learning,” explained Baynum.

Students are encouraged to download the app by visiting